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Medico-Social Follow-up

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Medico-Social Follow-Up

Be it for maternal and child protection, school health, occupational health, or in medico-social institutions and services, Santeos assists you with its complete digital offering, the cornerstone of which is the unique user record, which is customizable, interoperable, secure, and accessible on all territories.

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A rich array of relevant features

    • Management of the user's unique records (health, socio-economic and administrative information)
    • Management of consultations and procedures
    • Management of prescriptions for medication, and biological and medical examinations
    • Management of appointment notifications and outgoing mail
    • Management of regulatory documents through bulk importing or the creation of single documents
    • Management of the documents sent by the user
    • Management of the multi-entity calendars of authorized professionals
    • Management of appointment making and reminders
    • Management of activity portfolios
    • Viewing and downloading of automatically generated regulatory reports
    • Viewing of management aid indicators configured for your territory

User records, consultations, and documents can be tailored specifically to the following missions:

  • Family planning
  • Maternal protection
  • Child protection
  • Prevention and follow-up of Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
  • Vaccination follow-up
  • Follow-up of tuberculosis cases
  • Screening in schools
  • Follow-up of special needs pupils
  • Occupational health
  • Follow-up of elderly and handicapped people in medico-social institutions and services

In addition, other modules make it possible to meet the specific requirements of some of these missions: screening session management, medication inventory management, teletransmission of electronic medical claims, etc.

They trust our territorial medico-social follow-up offering

They trust Santeos for users journeys follow-up within their medico-social services:

"Santeos's teams perfectly met our expectations during the construction phase by meeting the objectives set in terms of content, schedule and cost. They keep on listening to us and being responsive, and they suggest ways of meeting our objectives. The Worldline Medico-social Follow-up offering proves to be operational, efficient ando also demonstrates Santeos's undeniable technical know-how."

Élisabeth Hausherr, Chief Physician of the Paris City Hall Mother-and-Child Care Center