Store, share and interpret your imaging examinations

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And you are looking for an offering that:
Provides an imaging record
that patients and healthcare teams can access
With storage, sharing and exchange features
Provides access to remote resources and expertise
Through tele-interpretation and tele-expertise functions
Includes viewers and post-processing services
By using our viewer or by allowing yours to access our storage space (VNA)
Streamlines your archiving costs
By outsourcing hosting

If so, WL Shared Imaging is the ideal offering for you! Contact Santeos!

Features that make medical practices easier

Examination storage and life cycle management
Through a VNA
Remote interpretation of medical images
Through teleradiology
Requesting and obtaining a second opinion
Through tele-expertise
Viewing of medical imaging examinations
Through a portal accessible to patients and the care team
Optimized processing of interpretation requests 
Through the provision of a marketplace
Sharing of health professionals' calendars
Between interpretation requisitioners and experts

They trust our shared medical imaging offering

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Perinat collection: platform for collecting data on premature infants and their mothers for research purposes 
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SIMRAL: regional platform for shared medical imaging with centralized image storage
Médiale: regional platform for shared medical imaging with a storage that is either centralized or provided through third-party warehouses
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Télésanté Haute Normandie
Pratic: regional platform for shared medical imaging

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