What do we do?

Santeos: your e-health service operator

Santeos creates and operates digital services to support the transformation of the healthcare world.

Digital projects with end-to-end support

  • Our expertise in both health and digital technologies allows us to provide you with the best possible support as of the initial phase of the development of your digital strategy.

    Our business experts and doctors work hand in hand with our technical experts and our R&D department to give you the best advice at the crossroads of your health needs and digital technologies.

  • To guarantee the services rendered, Santeos has chosen an approach that differs from existing models. Indeed, we are neither a publisher nor an integrator. We do not sell a product. We provide a service.

    With this in mind, we offer two approaches to best meet your expectations.

     A tailor-made approach

    Particularly for large national health projects with very specific requirements

    A made-to-measure approach

    To allow you to benefit from services adapted to your needs while using our proven offerings and assets.

    Besides, to best adapt to your context, your digital services are implemented gradually thanks to the design and development of modular, interoperable and adaptable services.

    Finally, to allow you to contemplate the future with ease, all of our digital services are futureproof.. Indeed, our 40 years of experience in digital technologies allow us to build scalable and industrialized services. Besides, the use of open-source or internally developed technologies guarantees control over the services deployed.


    Santeos is an accredited health data hoster.. Besides, we own and operate our infrastructures

    To support you as well as possible as your needs evolve, we have a modular and adaptable offering for all levels of services including IaaS, PaaS and Saas in HDS and non-HDS mode.

    Also, to allow you to better support the outsourcing and the lifecycle of your projects, we offer—in addition to technical services—business consulting and support services pertaining to the HDS context: regulations, outsourcing, interoperability and urbanization.

    Finally, you can manage your services efficiently, both in terms of technical aspects and usage, thanks to our control dashboard, which also includes business indicators.

    Of course, we are committed to guaranteeing a high level of availability for all the services that we host. For example, the French electronic medical claims management platform implemented and operated for the SESAM-Vitale EIG has an availability rate of 100% for 4 years (as of 27 March 2018).

Many e-health issues covered by our offerings and know-how